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   Garnished with the distinct aroma of pepper, chillies, cloves and other spices, generously flavored with the all-pervasive coconut, the dishes are simply divine! The Pan cakes (Appam) with vegetable or mutton stew, puttu and kadala (gram) curry are a great breakfast menu that is well worth trying out.


The Malabari cuisine that Kannur has to offer is indeed a gourmet’s delight. Relish spicy fried Kallumakais (mussels) with fragrant Malabar Biriyani. The lingering sweetness of Kinnathappams and Tapioca chips will take you to the heights of culinary ecstasy! Karimeen Pollichattu (Pearl spot baked) with Kappa (Tapioca) tastes superb. Lobsters, prawns and crabs are the other varieties of seafood one could enjoy during one's stay.